Music Production


Whether you need original music or production music

we got it for you!


Music is the key to your audience. We are all kinds of musicians, composers, producers & DJ's. And we will understand your target audience. We have produced over 1.000 commercials for over the past 17 years, so we know almost every aspect of musical genres. Pop, jazz, ballads, modern tech house, rap, classical, full orchestra etc.

Let us get in to the planing at early stage, so we can help you tacking the right decisions with your music.


Voice Over


Finding the right voice artist to tell your message is important but yet very time consuming.


We have a large database of voice over artists in many languages.


Adaptions: If you have an original commercial that you need to be aired in another country that it is originally made for, we will help you find a matching voice artist.


Voice directing: We know how to get the most out of the vnice actor. So let us help you in the recording process and leave the direction to us.


Searching: Let us help you find the rright voice.

Sound design


The perfect sounds and a crisp dialog


A door creak or an exploding bomb? It's very effectfull with right combination of sound effects. But it's sometimes difficult to choose which sounds are the right to tell the message most effective. We have a huge Sound effect library and are ably to make every kind of sounds in our recording booth. Please let us make the sound design for your next commercial. We are eager to make it sound just right!

Mix and mastering


The world of medi platforms are changing. We are up to date with the formats and the right specs


It's not enough to make a great sound design or voice over if you don't know where the commercial is supposed to be aired. Every TV broadcaster has their own specs for dellivery and we are up to date with their needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need our expertise in this field. We will be happy to help you!

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